27 July (Live)
28 July (Repeat)

The plastic container
green challenge

A journey through markets, products and technologies to find answers that match sustainability with opportunities

27 July (Live)
28 July (Repeat)

Following the series of webinars on caps and preforms, it’s time to focus on containers. Not only because they’re booming, for obvious reasons, in the pharma and home&personal care sectors, but also because of the contribution they might provide from a 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) perspective when it comes to lessening the environmental impact of plastic packaging.

We’ll start off by looking at market context, analysis and trends, then shift the focus to technology, container requirements and manufacturing processes in order to assess how brand owners’ sustainability commitments can be met.

Next, our partners will present the outstanding results we’ve achieved on the ‘green challenge’ front by working as a team on shared goals.

They represent the entire supply chain, from raw material producers (DOW) to additive producers (Milliken) and converters (Alltrista).

Lastly, we’ll take a closer look at a further SACMI challenge that could also have a major impact on circularity: compression technology applied to PET containers.







27 July (Live)
28 July (Repeat)


27 / 07

16.00 CEST (Live)

28 / 07

09.00 CEST (Repeat)

A unique opportunity, then, to get up to speed with the present and future of plastic containers, with the focus on lowering the environmental impact of such packaging.

The event will be live-streamed at 16:00 (CEST) on 27th July with a repeat on the 28th at 09:00; simultaneous translations will be available in 3 languages:

English Chinese Spanish

This event is reserved for our customers and partners.

27 July (Live)
28 July (Repeat)


Special guests

John Sugden

Senior Research

Dow Chemical Company

Bernard Vermeersch

Sr. Development

Milliken & Co

Michael Castillo

Director of Proprietary

Alltrista Products LLC

Ken Waterman

Ph.D, President
and Founder

Free Think Technologies Inc

Jacopo Bianconcini

Marketing & Product
Development Manager

Rigid Packaging
Technologies BU, SACMI

Ivan Bonzi

Director, Containers

Rigid Packaging
Technologies BU, SACMI

Alberto Bianchi

Product Marketing

Rigid Packaging
Technologies BU, SACMI

Lorenzo Geraci

Lab Expert

Rigid Packaging
Technologies BU, SACMI

27 July (Live)
28 July (Repeat)


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